Friday, June 7, 2013

We're famous!

In case you didn't know, we're sort of famous in Sioux Falls.  Okay, famous might be the wrong word, but there was an article about the garden in one of the free magazines distributed in town (ETC for her) and we are going to be in the Argus Leader on Sunday.

The garden is doing great.  The tomato plants still look a tad wilted but they are getting stronger every day and I am much more hopeful about them.  The peppers too for that matter.  New things are popping up every day too.  I just noticed some baby beets and carrots and more broccoli.  The cucumber and squash are getting much bigger leaves too.  Stop on by and check it out.

Wondering what you can do to be involved?  If you want to get dirty come on by and weed.  The most important areas are the beds themselves, and the edges right around them so that the weeds don't creep on up.  There is some grass in the beds too that can get pulled out.  Another big one is going to be making trellises.  Anyone know how?  We could use a few.  The tomato plants also need to be supported, either tying them to a stake or big stick or getting some kind of cage around them.  As always, spread the word so that people know the garden exists and where it is (17th and Lake, just north of the Sanford Cancer Center and behind a little blue house, in case you forgot).  Oh, and if you want to plant something that isn't there give a holler and we'll see what we can do.  There is a place or two we may be able to squeeze something in, but would really like to discuss it first so we can ensure that all the plants will still have the proper amount of space and light when they get big.






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