Monday, July 22, 2013

Really, start making fresh vegetables part of your daily diet

There are tons of things growing in the garden now, it is really quite exciting.  Thus, please come help yourself!  One of the tomato plants has new ripe little orange tomatoes almost daily, and the squash are coming to size quickly too.  There is lots of lettuce.  It is a bit bitter, however when put in a salad with tomatoes, chickpeas, and some curried squash it is amazing.  The radish greens are also great in the same salad.  There's radishes ready too, and the eggplants just came out this weekend. The eggplants are ready to be harvested when they shine in the sun rather than being dull.  The cucumbers are loving the trellis and there's lots of ones getting close to harvest, they will be ready in days.  Like the squash the eggplant and cucumbers should be cut off with garden shears or scissors.  Come on by and check it out, and enjoy.  There are baby watermelon and gourds too, and itty bitty pumpkins starting to grow too, if you want to see something kind of cute.

 Happy cucumbers on their trellis
 Baby watermelon

 The start of a pumpkin


Monday, July 15, 2013

Come and get 'em!

We have vegetables!  Maybe not tons, but certainly some.  There are new summer squash every day, and the occasional cucumber too.  The summer squash are ready when they are 6-8 inches long and a few inches in diameter.  They ought to be cut off up at the top so that more can grow in their place.  The lettuce is also ready for harvest.  With that lettuce all you need to do is cut the leaves off at the base and then they will continue to regrow for the rest of summer.  If you want to help out around the place the biggest to-dos are pulling up weeds, especially tall ones.  The grass is growing along the pathways which is fine, but as it tries to creep into the beds it needs to be pulled.  As do any tall weeds as those are not so visually appealing, and the place needs to be kept somewhat pretty.  The same goes for tall weeds along the perimeter, both in and outside the fence.   These need to keep being pulled so that the place looks nice.

  Summer Squash