Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting the Word Out

Things continue to fall into place.  The seedlings are growing by the day, I'm pretty sure this must be the equivalent of the gangly teenage years.  The garden is getting planned, and the soil about ready to get worked.  If all goes according to plan that should start this weekend, maybe even sooner.

The most exciting thing perhaps was the creation of a beautiful flier which will soon be plastered throughout Sanford's halls (okay, not actually the halls but at least bulletin boards) and the city of Sioux Falls.  If you know of a bulletin board, let me know and we'll add this announcement to it.  It's officially time to get the word out about this project, and hope for a good response.  

Everyone knows, however, that word of mouth is the best advertising.  So if you're reading this tell your friends, neighbors, mailman, or whomever else you encounter about the project.  Ask people if they garden, or if they want to.  Use it as a conversation starter.  Get your gossip on.  

When are things actually going to happen, you wonder?  As mentioned, the plan is for this weekend.  First things first, the land needs to be worked, layout plotted out, and compost applied.  So if you have the urge to do some manual labor and get your hands dirty plan to join in the groundbreaking.  If you've got a truck to haul compost, or gardening tools, you'll be in even higher demand.  

Lots of tomatoes and peppers!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

First steps

Welcome to the Neighborhood Garden!

Currently in the planning stages this will be a vegetable garden located at the corner of W 17th St and S Lake Ave on the Sanford campus.  It will be created and maintained by volunteer community members and the produce harvested will be for anyone who would like it.

Thankfully it seems like spring has finally arrived and we can start getting ready for planting.  We are still in the process of recruiting people to help with this endeavor, from planning and gathering supplies to the actual manual labor.  Anyone with gardening experience who would like to share their wisdom would be particularly helpful in these beginning stages.

Of note, it was quite inspiring to hear Lisa Taylor, a proponent of urban agriculture from Seattle, give a lecture on how gardening can save the world.  Maybe a bit ambitious topic, but her point was that when you start growing food where people can see it the garden becomes a place to meet people and form relationships.  These connections, in turn, are ultimately the most important variable of success in the event of a disaster.  She's a great speaker and shared a wealth of information, we were lucky to have her come to town and a big thanks to the Sioux Falls Green Project for bringing her to town.

Please follow along for each step of this exciting project.  If you would like to be involved just give a shout, we would love to have you.  No gardening experience is necessary, and children are encouraged to help out too.  If you don't want to get your hands dirty, but still want to have a part, feel free to contact us as well and we will find a way to put your talents to use.