Thursday, June 27, 2013

There's vegetables!

Since the last update there has been tons of growth, all over the place.  I can't believe how much can change in a week or two, or even on a daily basis.  Today was an exciting one, as there are now itty bitty squash starting to grow on some of the plants.  We are also fortunate enough to As far as puttering around please feel welcome to whenever you want.  There are not a ton of weeds in the beds, however the grass keeps creeping up the sides and getting into them.  There's a weed pile on the side that you can just add them too, I'll take care of that as it gets bigger.  With these hot days feel free to turn on the hose and water it too, there's a sprinkler that works quite well for the middle and most of the perimeter beds have at least some soaker hose.  There's a handle for the hose too, usually just floating around on the paths or near the fence, that can be used to get those hard-to-reach places.  Just be careful dragging the hose around so it doesn't take out the plants, they're still pretty fragile.  Stop by to check it out, but until you do here is a little preview:

 Baby squash
 Herbs (I'd almost given up on them, maybe the seeds didn't all get washed away)
 Broccoli - it really took off after a slow start
 Pumpkin (I think)
Those squash-bearing beauties from a distance

And there is one other exciting update.  We have a sign!  So in case you needed a formal invitation, here it is:

A bit hard to read in this picture, but it says "Welcome to the Peds Patch Neighborhood Garden"

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pumpkins popping up

If you've stopped by recently you will notice there are new changes every day.  I can't believe how fast some of these things grow.  Today it was pumpkins and more squash popping up, and some watermelon too I think.  Anyone know why the squash aren't so happy with us?  I'm thinking it might be watering from above, and now there are some soaker hoses around them so hopefully they will like that more.  At least, until I have a chance to figure out what else they may be needing.  Things are growing so well that there is now a new task to add to the contributions list:  thinning out the plants.  This will be particularly important for the beets, carrots, squash (on the southeast corner) and pumpkins as there are a whole bunch popping up in the same area and there will never be space for them all to grow there.  This seems like one of the harder jobs, because I am so excited to see the new plants that I don't want to pull any of them out, even if I know that it is in the best interest for the garden.  So, if you have less empathy for the plants please come on over and pull some out.  As always, if you have questions, suggestions, concerns or just want to say hi send an e-mail. I'd be happy to set up a time to meet people at the garden this weekend if you're looking for company to work in it.  Take care and enjoy the sun, looks like summer is finally here.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

We're even MORE famous!

Did anyone read the Sunday paper this week?  If so, did you see the great article about the garden?  Or maybe you are looking at this page because you found out about the garden from the article.  In that case, welcome!  Has anyone stopped by lately?  Some of the things are growing like crazy, and there's literally new stuff popping up every day.  Just this weekend the beets, spinach, lettuce, pumpkins and wax beans starting peaking out.  It is so exciting.  If you want to help out, the rest of the tomato plants (the tallest ones along the north and east borders) need to be gently tied to supports.  So far sticks have done the trick, but if you want to use something else that's fine too.  Weeding is the ongoing task, mostly in the paths right now or along the base of the beds so they don't start creeping up and into them.  That's it, not much to do at the moment.  The biggest thing is to come on out and wander around frequently to see how things are changing by the day.

Friday, June 7, 2013

We're famous!

In case you didn't know, we're sort of famous in Sioux Falls.  Okay, famous might be the wrong word, but there was an article about the garden in one of the free magazines distributed in town (ETC for her) and we are going to be in the Argus Leader on Sunday.

The garden is doing great.  The tomato plants still look a tad wilted but they are getting stronger every day and I am much more hopeful about them.  The peppers too for that matter.  New things are popping up every day too.  I just noticed some baby beets and carrots and more broccoli.  The cucumber and squash are getting much bigger leaves too.  Stop on by and check it out.

Wondering what you can do to be involved?  If you want to get dirty come on by and weed.  The most important areas are the beds themselves, and the edges right around them so that the weeds don't creep on up.  There is some grass in the beds too that can get pulled out.  Another big one is going to be making trellises.  Anyone know how?  We could use a few.  The tomato plants also need to be supported, either tying them to a stake or big stick or getting some kind of cage around them.  As always, spread the word so that people know the garden exists and where it is (17th and Lake, just north of the Sanford Cancer Center and behind a little blue house, in case you forgot).  Oh, and if you want to plant something that isn't there give a holler and we'll see what we can do.  There is a place or two we may be able to squeeze something in, but would really like to discuss it first so we can ensure that all the plants will still have the proper amount of space and light when they get big.






Monday, June 3, 2013

Milk cartons or coffee cans anyone?

Anybody have gallon milk (or other liquid) cartons or empty coffee cans?  We could sure use them to protect the tomatoes and peppers a bit.  This wind is taking a toll on them.  Despite having been kept outside for a while prior to being transplanted the seedlings are having a hard time transitioning to the more open garden and the elements.  So if you have any containers that you can get rid of we would love to use them around the plants.  They would need to have the bottom and top cut off and then can just be slipped over the seedlings.  Another big help would be if someone could water the garden earlier in the day.  There is a sprinkler, hose, and handheld sprayer in the garden.  If the wind cooperates the entire garden can be watered at once with the sprinkler in the middle, but if it is like today it might need to be done in a couple chunks.  Please be careful with the hose though, making sure it isn't running over areas where fragile little plants are coming up.  The fence is also pretty wimpy as it is only intended to keep out bunnies, so please run the hose through the bottom of it rather than over the top.  And always, if you want to weed come on out.  There are more broccoli and carrots by the day, and the squash and cucumber plants are noticeably bigger than they were even a few days ago.  Come on by and check out the changes.  As always, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions please feel free to leave them on the webpage.  Oh, and if you water the garden please leave a comment stating so as well so that others know it has been done.