Monday, June 3, 2013

Milk cartons or coffee cans anyone?

Anybody have gallon milk (or other liquid) cartons or empty coffee cans?  We could sure use them to protect the tomatoes and peppers a bit.  This wind is taking a toll on them.  Despite having been kept outside for a while prior to being transplanted the seedlings are having a hard time transitioning to the more open garden and the elements.  So if you have any containers that you can get rid of we would love to use them around the plants.  They would need to have the bottom and top cut off and then can just be slipped over the seedlings.  Another big help would be if someone could water the garden earlier in the day.  There is a sprinkler, hose, and handheld sprayer in the garden.  If the wind cooperates the entire garden can be watered at once with the sprinkler in the middle, but if it is like today it might need to be done in a couple chunks.  Please be careful with the hose though, making sure it isn't running over areas where fragile little plants are coming up.  The fence is also pretty wimpy as it is only intended to keep out bunnies, so please run the hose through the bottom of it rather than over the top.  And always, if you want to weed come on out.  There are more broccoli and carrots by the day, and the squash and cucumber plants are noticeably bigger than they were even a few days ago.  Come on by and check out the changes.  As always, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions please feel free to leave them on the webpage.  Oh, and if you water the garden please leave a comment stating so as well so that others know it has been done.

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