Sunday, June 9, 2013

We're even MORE famous!

Did anyone read the Sunday paper this week?  If so, did you see the great article about the garden?  Or maybe you are looking at this page because you found out about the garden from the article.  In that case, welcome!  Has anyone stopped by lately?  Some of the things are growing like crazy, and there's literally new stuff popping up every day.  Just this weekend the beets, spinach, lettuce, pumpkins and wax beans starting peaking out.  It is so exciting.  If you want to help out, the rest of the tomato plants (the tallest ones along the north and east borders) need to be gently tied to supports.  So far sticks have done the trick, but if you want to use something else that's fine too.  Weeding is the ongoing task, mostly in the paths right now or along the base of the beds so they don't start creeping up and into them.  That's it, not much to do at the moment.  The biggest thing is to come on out and wander around frequently to see how things are changing by the day.

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