Thursday, June 27, 2013

There's vegetables!

Since the last update there has been tons of growth, all over the place.  I can't believe how much can change in a week or two, or even on a daily basis.  Today was an exciting one, as there are now itty bitty squash starting to grow on some of the plants.  We are also fortunate enough to As far as puttering around please feel welcome to whenever you want.  There are not a ton of weeds in the beds, however the grass keeps creeping up the sides and getting into them.  There's a weed pile on the side that you can just add them too, I'll take care of that as it gets bigger.  With these hot days feel free to turn on the hose and water it too, there's a sprinkler that works quite well for the middle and most of the perimeter beds have at least some soaker hose.  There's a handle for the hose too, usually just floating around on the paths or near the fence, that can be used to get those hard-to-reach places.  Just be careful dragging the hose around so it doesn't take out the plants, they're still pretty fragile.  Stop by to check it out, but until you do here is a little preview:

 Baby squash
 Herbs (I'd almost given up on them, maybe the seeds didn't all get washed away)
 Broccoli - it really took off after a slow start
 Pumpkin (I think)
Those squash-bearing beauties from a distance

And there is one other exciting update.  We have a sign!  So in case you needed a formal invitation, here it is:

A bit hard to read in this picture, but it says "Welcome to the Peds Patch Neighborhood Garden"

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