Friday, July 18, 2014

Monstrous Zucchini

In case you missed the last post, we have produce!  I was excited about the zucchini last week, namely in that they existed.  Then when they were slightly neglected for a couple days I was even more excited to figure out that the ones I had been picking previously were just babies in comparison to how they can get!

The cilantro is going crazy, so despite harvesting it and some onion you can't even tell.  The learning lesson of the week was that basil needs to be harvested before it flowers (we're not too late, it's okay) and that you actually trim it down so there are only a couple leaves remaining.  Those leaves will then be the new growth.  So if you notice that the basil looks quite sad right now, take heart in those little green leaves starting to sprout out.  They will recover and there will be even more.

Happy veggie face
The unruly squash 

 Look at those tomatoes go, and this was a week ago

The rest of the garden.  The A-frame is where our little friend below was found

Meet our first baby pumpkin

As there is getting to be more produce there has also been more exploration into what to do with these things.  I mean, who can use an entire grocery bag full of basil.  Even with distributing it around town there is lots left over (which means you really ought to come on out and grab some yourself, and tell all of your friends).   So, for some fun storing and cooking ideas:

Basil cubes:

Olive oil

Place basil in a food processor with a bit of olive oil (I just drizzled it on top).  Blend until pureed.  Add water as needed and continue to blend until it forms a paste.  Place this in an ice cube tray and put into the freezer.  When well frozen place the basil cubes in a plastic bag for storage.  These can then be used any time in sauces (spaghetti, whatever), soups, dips, etc.

Zucchini pasta
Diced zucchini
Spaghetti sauce
Green onion
Basil cube (see above, or fresh if available)
Olive oil

Use all of the above to taste.

Place olive oil in large pan over high heat.  When hot add zucchini, green onion, spinach and basil.  Cook until softened, stirring nearly constantly.  Add spaghetti sauce and heat until warm.  Serve.

Veggie egg scramble
Any veggies you have including but not limited to:
yellow, red, orange or green pepper
2-3 eggs
olive oil (or other cooking oil)
salt and pepper to taste

Put a dallop of oil in frying pan with high heat.  When hot add vegetables.  Cook until softened.  If somewhat watery (as from tomato juices) drain.  Add eggs and continue to cook over med-high heat stirring often until egg is cooked through.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

Okay okay, I admit the recipes are quite similar.  No actual amounts, essentially stir-frying the veggies and then adding something else.  What can I say, it's easy, delicious and healthy.  You can also try the standard stir-frying of your veggies of choice, then adding some hot peppers, salsa, and even some mexican spices for a more southern taste.

Alright, are you convinced to come check it out yet?  Or want to help?  Here's what you could do:

- Pull weeds or grass from around plants or edges of the cardboard
- Continue to guide the squashes and pumpkins up the trellises and away from other plants
- Tether up the tomato plants again
- Fertilize
- Gather produce!  Take it home, distribute it, eat healthy
- Bring your kids to show them everything growing.  Bring them again, and again to keep watching the process
- Keep an eye out for bulletin boards around town.  Let us know where you see them and we'll make sure a peds patch ad gets put up
- Help deliver produce to organizations around town including The Banquet and Lutheran Social Services
- If you know of other organizations that would accept produce and help distributing it let us know and we will make arrangements with them
- Tell your friends.  We are still working very hard to get the word out and spread interest.

As always feel free to come by any time.  If you want company just let us know and we'll do our best to meet you out there.  If you see some tasks you would like to take on, but have questions about or need equipment (twine, fertilizer, whatever) again just let us know of your interest and we'll hook you up and show you how.  If you have other ideas on how to make the garden a success please share, we are always looking to improve.

Contact us any time you need by commenting here or e-mail at

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