Sunday, June 29, 2014

Herbs and onion, ready for the taking

The first bits and pieces are ready to be harvested.  There is basil coming in steadily, as well as cilantro and onions.  There are some lemon-y herbs, chamomile and some sugar-substitute (apparently the leaves are really sweet) which only need a week or so to get themselves better established, but then leaves can be plucked from them as well.  The squash plants are coming along nicely and some are actually getting big but I haven't seen any actual squash yet.  The cucumbers (by the trellis in the northeast corner) are still needing some babying but I think they'll come back.

Things to do:
- Weed.  This will be the big task for the immediate time being.  Anything that looks like grass can go, and anything that looks like it shouldn't be there.  If you have questions, ask.  I'd be happy to go over it with you, meet you out there, whatever.
- Water.  Every now and then when we start to have less rain this will be a bigger task.  There are drip hoses set up, but some spots still need to be sprayed with the hose.
- Weedwack.  We even have a weedwacker, just need someone willing to operate it.  We really just need to get around the perimeter to keep the grass under control and the place looking nice.
 - Harvest herbs. As mentioned above, some of these are ready.  They will continue to get big, so we need to be careful not to take too much, but some can certainly be taken.  If you have suggestions of what to do with them please share!  I'm thinking pesto and drying them, but don't really know what else.

As always, feel free to comment on the website or e-mail if you have questions or want to set up a time to meet with others.  Tell your friends, neighbors, or anyone else who may be interested about the garden and just stop by some time to check it out.  I'll be there Saturday at 11 as well.




 French Tarragon


The sweet plant.  :)  I think you eat the leaves like sugar. 

German chamomile 

 Lemon!  It smells amazing.

 Unidentifiable squash.  It's a mystery....

 Onion.  Yum.  Come and get it.

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