Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's starting to look like a garden

Things continue to fall into place.  The garden did get tilled last weekend.  The city of Sioux Falls has offered to deliver free compost to the garden site which is scheduled to happen tomorrow.  So if you stop by, be prepared to see a massive mound in front.  Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself.  Upon visiting the site the first difference, as mentioned above, is that it is tilled.  Secondly, there is now a critter fence up around it, and once the last little portion is in place (which will happen after the compost is spread out) it should be sufficiently bunny-proof.  Sanford has been gracious enough to let us borrow some soaker hoses, so we might actually be good on supplies for watering.  They've also given permission to use some basic gardening equipment, which is also appreciated.  Finally, there may be more people around the site, as the word is getting out.  There have been responses both from a flier sent out at Sanford and those around the community, as well as people contacting us after hearing from a friend.  Thanks everyone, keep talking.  Each day the plot is looking more and more like a garden.

If you want to help out feel free to stop by or contact us at sfneighborhoodgarden@gmail.com.  The next major task is going to be spreading out the compost over the entire garden.  There are already some bitty weeds peaking up on the paths so those will need to be taken care of.  Expect it to be another week or two before things get planted, it's still getting chilly at night even if that is hard to forget on a day like today.  Any thoughts and suggestions on what, when and how to plant veggies would also be appreciated.

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